RV Golf Touring – A New Trend

A number of people enjoy touring the country in RVs or taking these motor homes on vacation. One of the newest trends is RV golf touring. It seems that these two pastimes – playing golf and traveling by RV – go very well together indeed. There are even a number of professional golfers that now travel by RV to make traveling the circuit less stressful and enable them to travel with their families.

More Golf Resorts Are Opening RV Parks

There are now over 200 different RV-golf themed resorts in the U.S., according to golf.com. Now that golf courses are recognizing this trend, more and more of them are adding RV parks to make it easier for people traveling in these motor homes to enjoy their courses. Some of these parks even have special features available just for those staying in the RV park section, such as an extra putting green just for them.

Can Be Luxurious

It can be relatively inexpensive to travel around the country in an RV playing golf, or it can be a luxury trip. It all depends on the RV you choose. Some RVs are quite tricked-out with all the latest features. They may include large flat-screen TVs, surround sound, full-size appliances, king-size beds and other amenities that people don’t always associate with motorhomes. Of course, the fancier the motorhome, the higher the price tag is going to be. Before spending a ton of money to buy an RV, it’s best to rent one and take it on a trip to make sure that this type of travel is really for you. It isn’t always easy to find places to park such a large vehicle, they can guzzle a lot of gas and not everyone enjoys handling the driving of these behemoths.

Not All Resorts Welcome Kids

Before taking a family trip, make sure that the RV golf resort you’re thinking of visiting allows children to stay there, as not all do. Some of these resorts have all sorts of fun activities available for the whole family, including those that aren’t huge fans of golf, while others only cater to adults or don’t have much available to do other than golf.